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she masters a disaster/ with a fine stiff spine/ but her vices in minor crises/ is a vintage whine

Central to pro-sex thought is the idea that there is a plethora of
sexual preferences and practices which profoundly violate societal restrictions.

Among these restricted sexual activities—which are seen as
wildly divergent—are cross-generational sex (to use their euphemism for child sexual abuse), fetishism, sadomasochism, and the making and use of pornography. Such deviant sexualities, so the theory goes, are at the bottom of a hierarchy of sexual privilege, which has heterosexuality, marriage, and procreation at its pinnacle, and “vanilla” homosexuality somewhere in the middle.

"Those engaging in these privileged acts," Carol Vance writes in her introduction to Pleasure and Danger, "enjoy good name and good fortune."

All of this sounds logical and persuasive until you move beyond
society’s pieties and look at what it actually practices. Then it becomes clear that, instead of being forbidden or persecuted, these frowned upon sexual activities are, in the case of men, promoted, encouraged, and rewarded, and, in the case of women, imposed and enforced.

Moreover, instead of being incredibly different from one another, they all have a common denominator: a power relationship that replicates in miniature the power relations of society.

How deviant is cross-generational sex, for example, when, laws
against child sexual abuse notwithstanding, the activity is so popular that more than a quarter of all females are sexually abused as children?

How nonconformist is fetishism when “regular guys” proudly identify themselves as “tit men” or “ass men,” and the best-selling men’s entertainment magazines devote whole glossy pages to just our genitals, just our breasts?

How taboo is sadomasochism when Penthouse boosts sales by displaying Asian women tied up like slabs of meat and strung
up from trees and trendy sportswear manufacturers successfully promote their products by showing battered-looking models in torn clothing?

How forbidden is pornography when, aided by anti-obscenity laws, the industry rakes in more than the film and record industries combined?

As for the hierarchy of sexual privilege, it too sounds convincing,
until you examine the position of women in this hierarchy: Heterosexuality, procreation, and marriage may mean privilege for men, but they mean something very different for the married woman. Her “good fortune” is a 1 out of 3 chance of being a battered wife, a 1 out of 7 chance of being raped by her own husband, and a statistically undetermined probability that she will be her husband’s domestic servant and that her identity will be subsumed in his.

The so-called good fortune of lesbian feminists is either public denigration or invisibility and often loss of jobs and family.

It’s not that “cross-generational sex,” fetishism, sadomasochism, and trafficking in or using pornography are never punished.
Sometimes they are, but never enough to dampen their popularity. Just enough to make them seem forbidden and keep them exciting.

It’s not that there are no sexual choices that truly violate society’s rules. What I am suggesting is that the “deviant” sexual practices defended and promoted by the pro-sex people aren’t really proscribed by society; they’re prescribed.

They’re not really deviant at all. They’re good soldier conformity.


- When Women Defend Pornography, Dorchen Leidholdt

Debunking the Myth of “Vanilla Privilege”: That ‘deviant sexuality’ is in actuality, mainstream in a porn & rape culture.

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Be kind to yourself. Stop coating yourself with gasoline, stop searching your pockets for matches. Stop forgetting your goodness, stop letting people’s bark become your skin. Stop fixing everything but yourself. Stop thinking you are nothing. Stop finding solace in nights with tear-dampened pillows. Stop letting your mind eat itself, stop letting your stomach devour itself. Stop. Be kind to yourself, let your tongue’s prayers include your journey too. 

After it all went down in the old world,
Puck opened up a teashop downtown,
and she’s got tattoos, twenty-odd piercings,
and a pet human knotted to her heart with a silver chain.
She drugs the chamomile with ennui
and burns Darjeeling to please the old gods
(rumored to manage that stellar brewery on Lexington)
while that man of hers maintains his beard,
stows the salt and silver high out of reach,
and spins chocolate and herbs together with holistic alchemy.
The selkies took to spinning thread and hemming skirts
and they’ll dress you in free trade fineries
so long as you don’t ask about the furs under glass.
The vampires have day jobs now, in banking and law,
but Mother Night still holds her sway,
and she throws a mean masquerade at the goth club.
Invest in some black lipstick and show up late, she loves that.
If you can’t spot the immortals straight away,
two shots of fireball whiskey in the bathroom
slathers everything in glamour.
Don’t take drinks from succubae
but do befriend the witches (trust me, you’ll need them)
and for God’s sake dance.
Things that don’t dance get eaten.
If you need to run remember that Urban Outfitters is open late,
and that the hipster changeling running the register
will offer your sanctuary because he thinks it’s terribly nuevo.
There’s plenty of magic to scrape out of this city,
If you know where to look for it,
so be careful with your footing and mindful of the hour,
liberal with your compliments and stingy with your name
and remember
this city has a monopoly on the unexpected.

- Fantastical Advice for the Ashevillian Tourist by S.T. Gibson (via moreorlesstouched)


Life hack: conquer your fear of the dark by becoming the thing other people fear in the dark.



"I’m glad you get a chance to see what it’s like for me to play in the NHL, and do what I love to do every day. And i just wanna say I love you. Thanks, Mom." (x)


*flings hands in the air* CANNOT.

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